The big picture.  Twin lamb survival.  Mulesing update. Sire evaluation trials. AWI Environmental Credentials of Woolgrowing Project. Matilda Kai Weatherly.


Richard and Jenny on the Green Carpet in Milan.  Sire Evaluation Trials.  Merinotech 100115.  Mulesing update.  Connewarran "Tomble".


Sire evaluation trials. Rob Russell. World Merino Conference: Uruguay.  Worm Resistance in Stud Sires. Mulesing update: Clip Trial.  Recommended Reading.  Surplus Ewes.


An expanding team.  Mulesing. Connewarran 0040 progeny in Argentina. WECs. Feed Conversion. Sire Evaluation Trials. Exclusive ethical fashion supply agreements. Sales.


New sire Willandra Desmond. Selling review and first annual on property sale. Sire Evaluation. Expanded progeny test capability. Multi vendor sales. Launch of Connewarran Website. 


Changing of the guard. ASBVs. Sire evaluation trials.  Ram numbers, prices and selection.

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