Location: Southwest Victoria

Rainfall: 24 inches

Average Micron: 18.5

Genetics: Founded on Bindawarra with selected infusions of Charinga, Wallaloo Park and Willandra

Ewe base: Approximately 750

Sales: Ballarat, Hamilton, On-property


Connewarran Farming Trust is a commercial wool enterprise.  The property is 1550 hectares on the banks of the Hopkins River, west of Mortlake, with an average rainfall of 600 mm. 

We believe in Merinos.  Our team works daily to breed the best sheep we can, provide them with a healthy environment in which to thrive, generate a sustainable economic profit, and share the genetics we produce with other, similar enterprises.

Connewarran's Merino Stud breeds quality rams for the Connewarran Farming Trust and external clients.  Connewarran sires are regularly tested in Elders Sire Evaluation Trials, generating objective evidence regarding the quality and performance of the genetics the stud produces.

The Merino stud is based on Bindawarra Omeo blood and was first registered after the purchase of 25 inseminated ewes from Bindawarra in 1992. Since then there has been a programme of AI and ET, inseminating up to 350 ewes each year, using leading Connewarran and Bindawarra sires with some Charinga, Wallaloo Park, and Willandra blood.


Connewarran sheep produce good cuts of high quality, bright, white wool on a large, well-constructed frame. Wool quality is considered important for the ability to withstand rainfall, avoid fleece-rot and flystrike.  Any reward on sale day is considered a bonus.  Wool cut, frame and conformation speak for themselves. While fine microns are not chased, wools have gradually become finer even as the sheep have grown bigger, cut more wool, with lower SD and CV and with better staple strength.

Rams are sold annually at the Ballarat Merino Ram Sale, Hamilton Sheepvention and on property via helmsman auction.  If rams remain after these sales they are sold by private selection.

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