Connewarran is building a body of evidence for high genetic performance through sire evaluation trial results.  There have been several outstanding results, but the most pleasing aspect is the relative consistency of good results.  Since 2008 nine sires have been entered in eleven trials.  Of these:

  • Two sires, Con 8002 & Con 15024 have been ranked as leader in all four indexes used by the trial

  • a further sire Con 0040 has been ranked as leader in one index of their trial

  • All but one sire has been ranked in the top three of one or more indexes in one or more of their trials


Connewarran is committed to annual benchmarking of our genetics through AMSEA Sire Evaluation Trials.  These trials measure our genetic progress in relation to other leading Australian studs, providing comprehensive and independent evidence regarding the quality of Connewarran genetics.  Summaries of each Connewarran Sire's performance, along with a link to the complete site report, is provided below.

You can find more information regarding AMSEA trials here.

2018 Drop

Connewarran 15024

A fantastic result!  15024 ranked 1st of 11 sires in all four indexes!

2017 drop

Connewarran 15024

A creditable result in a trial which was almost abandoned due to management challenges, the consequences of which we believe meant this sires potential may not have been truly reflected.

2016 drop

Connewarran 1002

Ranked above average on three of the four indexes but failed to finish in the top three of any index. 

2015 drop

Connewarran 060297

Of 13 sires ranked equal leader on the FP+ index and second on the MP+ index.

2014 drop

Connewarran 060297

Of 20 sires Connewarran 060297 ranked equal third on the FP+ index.

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