Connewarran 15024


Sire: Lingy

Dam: Connewarran 8658

Test date          Age               Micron          SD          CV          CF          SF

Feb 2016          9 months     17.2                3.0         17.3         100         16.3

MP+ Index      Ycfw             Ywt

156                    +15%            +.9kg


Honestly, we think 15024 could be a game changer.  He has a magnificent skin and cuts a rich, long, thick, white, beautifully marked fleece.  He's mid-sized with great conformation; square front and back, well up on his pasterns, with plenty of spring of rib.  He's well pedigreed, being out of one of our top ET ewes, sired by Lingy and with Charinga 119 as his granfather. We've got a name in mind for 15024, but it's not a name to be dished out lightly, so he needs a little more game time before it's bestowed upon him.  Watch this space.

Connewarran "Hawkins"


Sire: Bindawarra 400

Dam: Connewarran 5555

Test date          Age               Micron          SD          CV          CF          SF

Feb 2011           9 months     16.2                2.4         14.6         100         15.0

Feb 2015          5 years          17.7                2.7          15.3         99.9        16.5

MP+ Index      F5 Index      Acfw              Awt        Ywec

172                    184              +23%               +7kg       -24



Hawkins is a big boy with plenty of polish and pedigree, having been sired by the legendary Bindwarra 400, an all time Merino Superior Sire.  As a 5 y.o. he topped 140kg and still held his micron at 17.7.  His Balmoral progeny were +9% for adult clean fleece weight and +6.2kg for adult body weight.  He was the most valuable sire in the trial on the MP+ index and has an ASBV MP+ value of 172.  Hawkins is ideal for breeders looking to add bone, scale and cut whilst maintaining micron.

Connewarran "Harley"


Sire: Willandra Desmond

Dam: Connewarran 1520

Test date          Age               Micron          SD          CV          CF          SF

Sept 2017         16 months   18.8                2.5          13.4         99.7       17.3

DP+ Index      Ycfw             Ywt

155                   +20.3%          +4.8kg       


Harley is long in the body and long in the staple.  Sired by  Willandra Desmond, a ram that time and again has put great scale into sheep, Harley carries outstanding carcass characteristics.  He also cuts a heavy, bold crimping, bright white wool.  Due to his exception scale and wool characteristics he is being used within the Connewarran Merino Stud and also by clients seeking to turn off wether lambs in high rainfall climates.  


Connewarran "Lingy"


Sire: Charinga 119

Lingy is not much to look at, but consistent, reliable, and a seasoned performer.  His specialty is sweetening wools, adding cut but reducing micron.  He has an amazing capacity to stamp staple length, alignment and nourishment into his progeny, and he loves doing it.  His libido is something to behold. 

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