Connewarran "Harley"


Sire: Willandra Desmond

Dam: Connewarran 1520

Test date          Age               Micron          SD          CV          CF          SF

Sept 2017         16 months   18.8                2.5          13.4         99.7       17.3

MP+ Index      Ycfw             Ywt

156                   +22.0%          +3.8kg       


Harley is long in the body and long in the staple.  Sired by  Willandra Desmond, a ram that time and again has put great scale into sheep, Harley carries outstanding carcass characteristics.  He also cuts a heavy, bold crimping, bright white wool.  Due to his exception scale and wool characteristics he is being used with great success in the Connewarran Merino Stud and also by clients seeking to turn off wether lambs in high rainfall climates.